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I seen hope in a train station

I seen it wink on the wet cold of the tracks
I seen it smiling in slices of wheel
I seen it hug with a hot breath of diesel
I seen it clatter in tippy tap heels
I seen it squeal in the railway man’s whistle
I seen it clutching up bunches of skirts
I seen it rumble along with the luggage
I seen hope so it no longer hurts


I saw you running-
your legs so thin
like two toothpicks in a cherry
I feel like if I coughed
I could have blown you clear

Where were you going
I wonder, now gone
as I arrive on the platform
a shuffle, a hunched secret
In an alcove
I studied the dark date
shapes in a steel cover to somewhere
And there was the train-
people followed it like an ideal
but I stayed still