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Another Saturday



Digital, about 1.5 hours


study hard


Didn’t I


paint girl.png

Ba da de da de dum. Digital painting using mostly the ‘knife’ tool on Artrage


Charlie goes abstract – Digital painting



This is a painting from my beautiful carer/girlfriend – her first try on Artrage. You can watch a timelapse here. You can check out some of her work here, which can be printed on mugs and phone covers and all that jazz.


Johnny Depp



A nice 35 min go at Johnny. You can watch me draw this here


6 Quick Portraits

More digital portrait practice. Spent around 30 mins on top left. The rest were 10-15 I believe. Again, you can watch me draw these in real time here (maybe skip past #2 and #3, I blame the canvas!)

7 Portraits in under 70mins

I was aiming for 5min portraits but I ended up going a bit longer… Definitely a really good exercise and great practice on the new tablet. Now my wrist hurts. You can view the recording of the drawings in real-time here

Digital figure drawing



Proportions aren’t perfect, unsure what’s going on with the brush, why it’s so grainy… I’m using the ‘pencil’ brush (complete noob), more experimentation needed.


My first digital drawing



Some lovely people bought me a tablet. This is what I came up with in my first try. I’m currently using some software that came free with the tablet, ‘Artrage lite’


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I’ll keep this sweet
Because I’m sick of it myself,
Of grabbing hands out asking
And dithering musing public oozing
Fragile self-constructed images
The world’s been knocked out of kilter
Seen in sepia through a digital filter
Competing for no prize
Fighting for no cause
We only stand
In order to brag
To those still on their knees.