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Sid’s rules

Sid's rules


ZOMBiE Juice Portrait & Update


Hey all, just biking in to wish you all well.  I strongly encourage you to follow my Instagram if you’d like to keep up to date with my drawings.  I post there regularly as I continue to try and learn to draw.  I personally feel it’s a much better way to share images than wordpress, and as my writing has fallen by the wayside in favour of drawing, that is where you will find me! Cheers.

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I’ll keep this sweet
Because I’m sick of it myself,
Of grabbing hands out asking
And dithering musing public oozing
Fragile self-constructed images
The world’s been knocked out of kilter
Seen in sepia through a digital filter
Competing for no prize
Fighting for no cause
We only stand
In order to brag
To those still on their knees.