You cling to my finger like a newborn.
The same weight that clogged your engines and dragged
you down to drown now buckles
you tight to the safety raft.
The irony is not lost on me.

I slide you off onto the windowsill, the sun
crashes in like the lord and saviour through stained-glass
and you rest there, antennas crooked either side
like a funny old flattened toupee in the street.

What light guided you to my glass, Moth?
The bathroom window open but a crack,
it is almost unimaginable
how far you journeyed, working
tirelessly your tiny wings
as if determined to find death
in a macrocosm of blooming refuge.

I smile and shake my head at you,
give you one      last
knowing look
over my shoulder
as I use the mirror
to tie my mask over
my nose
and mouth.