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Spring poem

I’m outside,
on the corner slate flower bed purple as burst plum,
conjures mother, lent, exhausted
on the speckled countertop, jousting with a can of prunes
juice drip teasing out a crack in the tin.
Pregnant and constipated,
little Isobel on her way, labrador alive!
Huge moaning skull, soppy silk ears, sad brown eyes,
busted arthritic limp, stomach rolling like a black sea.

My forearm’s over my eyes, sun sharp and new.
First English spring, no Welsh, British, who cares?
Many do, the lines in the sand
seem deeper year on year,
like slits carved in supple upper arms,
out of sight and out of mind.


Hymn of the Big Wheel



This time in A4, another piece done for reddit


Wun two – mistletoe



The title is the song I was listening to when I finished, the curious minded may like to check it out. Once again, charcoal A3


Is that my sister?



This is meant to be a portrait of one of my sisters. Let’s call it an artist’s impression… Charcoal A3.

Got a couple of half written poems I’ll upload at some stage too.  Hope you’re all well.


Couple pieces



Charcoal A3


Charcoal A3


Garçon sauvage



It’s a greasy old Frenchman, A3 charcoal


Eating scotch egg, drunk on rum



come deluging on new Orleans with a subterranean rush of excitement 





Pretty girls are hard to draw, I’ve found


Still broke



Another redditgetsdrawn interpretation


Dad from life / Redditgetsdrawn portrait

Video for the portrait here

If you want to check out redditgetsdrawn